Sri Kalahasti Tour Packages from chennai

The town of Tirupati is one of the most prehistoric and almighty places to visit in India. Situated in the district of Chitoor in Southern Andhra Pradesh this town owes its presence to the holy temple of Lord Sri Ventakeshwara on the Tirumala hill neighbouring it. This temple is the crown jewel of ancient places of devotion in Southern India.

3200 feet above sea level, the Tirumala hill comprises of seven peaks. So when you travel to Tirupati you will experience some quintessential view of greenery and mountains and can actually feel the essence of divine peace. Tirupati actually denotes to ‘The Lord of Lakshmi’ and thus, is the most sacred places on Earth to visit.

This part of Southern India has many temples that you can visit to while your travel to Tirupati. One of them is the Sri Kalahasti temple. It is the ancient temple, whichis dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple celebrates the personification of the primary elements of Lord Shiva.

Air is considered as the main element in this temple. Similarly, Tiruvannamalai as fire, Chidambaram as space, Thiruvanikkaval as water and Kanchipuram as Earth are considered as the temple of elements.  The temple of Sri Kalahasti is located near to the town of Tirupati and is always flooded with visitors from all over the world.

When you visit Tirupati, you shouldn’t leave without visiting the temple of Sri Kalahasti and that is why we have a tour package that is designed in taking this visit of yours in consideration.

Chennai to Sri Kalahasti tour package currently it is One day Package starts Morning 3 a.m from chennai visit tirupati kalahasti and returns same day Night around 10 p.m, Currently this package is available only by individual car on request...

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